I was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1986. Graduated from Y.T.U. Combined Arts Programme in 2014.

Mostly i am focused on oil. Although i consider the medium i use as a language. So i varidate them as pencil, pen, ink, watercolour, digital, sculpture etc.

As headlines I mostly focus on  psychology, philosophy and sociology and the connections in between. These themes are not squared, rigid structures. More like flowing idea concepts. Each has its own fluid branches that can influence or can be influenced by other thoughts.

To simplify i can quote from T.W.Adorno: “The whole is wrong.”


  • Yeni Aralık – Galeri Soyut (Ankara 2016)
  • Minimalist Devinim – Terakki Vakfı Sanat Galerisi (Istanbul 2017)
  • Dark Night of the Soul – Studio Exhibition (Istanbul 2016) (Solo)
  • Baharın Ritmi – Terakki Vakfı Sanat Galerisi (Istanbul 2016)
  • Neler Oluyor? – Galeri Artist (İstanbul, 2013) (Solo)
  • Brand It! – Rh + Galeri (İstanbul, 2012)
  • Genç Sanatçılar Bahar Karması – Deniz Müzesi (Istanbul, 2012)
  • La Cueva (Granada, 2012)
  • Exposición Colectiva de Arte Contemporáneo – Pigment Arte (Granada, 2012)
  • Synesthesia – Music and Art Gathering – PasajİST (Istanbul, 2011)